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Post  spitfire212 on 2010-07-03, 01:18

hi guys ha okay well i started playing cod 4 recently and i wanna say im pretty good but i dont want to get too cocky, and i have been playing in your FFA server and recently i got a perma ban for unknown reasons but forget that just pretend you never read that and now heres some stuff about me

Your nickname in the game: My nick name is prob Spit

Location: Ohio


XFire name:spitfire7108

Games you play/played: cs,cod 4, bunch of others

Previous clans?/Wared before?: no previous clans

Something about your gamestyle (rusher, sniper, etc...): im a rusher i like running around and patroling areas to get kills im good in close combat prob because i got great ping on your server and im fast reacter

The things you use while playing - what headset have you got(a must in any war), which mouse do you own?...etc
-well all i ahve is a typical lame ass headset that works fine, and for my mouse, um i got the standard mouse from my brand new hp not even 4 months old ha

Why should we recruit you?
-why? well im a fun person once you get to know me i joke around a lot and i play for fun nothing else really i jsut like to do some gaming ever now and then since i dont do it much more

Reason you want to join SR*
- well i have been playing on the server adn its like the only server i can play on too, because you dont ahve punkbuster? i dont know why but i can't join punkbuster games because i got a driver or something that punkbuster doesnt like so it kicks me after a min i join

Anything else you think will help you get on trial

-um im active and just like to have fun and like making friends out of it


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