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Post  ...:::&a on 2009-02-08, 11:57


As you can probably tell, my name's Major, and I represent The United Killers gaming community (UK). Recently we have resumed having friendly scrims with other clans, after some unpleasant experiences with other clans (hacking). Many of our members have played in your servers before and we see you as respectful, fair, and sportsmanlike players.

Now, a little about The United Killers. We pride ourselves in creating a friendly, open, and hack free playing environment for our our members and players in our servers. We have been around since 2005, starting in Call of Duty 2 then moving on through into Call of Duty: World at War. Our focus as a gaming organization is fun, but we still play competitively. We were very well respected and prestigious in the Call of Duty 2 Team Warfare League. We now currently play Call of Duty 4 TWL , and are considering moving into World at War soon. We currently have 1 server in CoD2, 3 in CoD4, and 3 in World at War.

If you are interested we would like to set up a scrimmage in Call of Duty 4. Of course this would be a friendly game to get to know each other. We would be open to playing either CoD4 1.0 or 1.7, whichever you prefer. We would be willing to play a game with anywhere from 3v3 to 10v10. Of course, the usual scrim rules would be in order: no martyrdom, grenade launchers, RPGs, Last Stand, or Juggernaut. If you are interested contact us in any of the ways below:


Our website:

my Xfire:

Let's hope we can get some kind of thing going here guys. ~Major[UK]


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Post  Major[UK] on 2009-02-08, 12:06

Sorry about the name, I didn't realize I was not logged in when I posted that.

And our website did not show up there for some reason.

You can also contact me at


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